luhan eye fucks the camera

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make me choose: bigbang or bts asked by anonymous

"BIGBANG is like an elastic band: no matter how stretched out they are, they will always fall back into each other."
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Happy Birthday Luhan! ♥

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2014-04-20; To the very(!) manly Beijing prince who never forgets to express his gratitude to his fans - thank you, Luhan. Thank you for always smiling and striving to work harder, even though you have done more than enough for us. You are an inspiration to many. Happy 24th (25th) birthday, humble deer! ♥ ♔
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luhan o-<-<

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140420: happy 24th birthday lulu ♡
the sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.

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happy birthday, Lu Han.
please be happy and never lose the brightest smile of yours, which this is the most precious thing i have ever seen.
 我爱你 ♡

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exo-m overdose first stage - luhan

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