meanwhile bigbang hasn’t had a comeback in so long, gdragon has turned into a human calendar 




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There are two types of people

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Shit Kris said

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winner 2014 debut teaser grand launch - lee seunghoon | trans
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how do you feel about the grand launch for winner with their video? like was that what you were expecting or were you more upset. lol i saw you post that's why

lol no i’m not mad, don’t take my post too seriously cause i’m use to yg doing this type of stuff. it’s just fangirling, i’m either supper excited or super feels with something lol. i’m not upset about their grand launch video, i found it very interesting. 

like i see other people getting upset and worked up about yg not like throwing it all out there like all the other groups. like when you usually announce the debut of a group, you’ll put up teasers photos and videos/audio snippets teasers as well, one after another.

but that fact that yg is putting a lot of time to make everything soooo different is what’ interesting to me. he’s approaching the whole thing in a different way and it’s nice. i get the feel of like i’m watching a movie and seeing bits and pieces unfold to tell a story.

yg is pulling a spin this time around and it’s refreshing to see him approach a different way of putting his artist out there and yet, still have control of how much is being exposed - if you know what i talking about. 

yg wants you to keep guessing, he doesn’t want you to expect things as they are. i guess it more interesting to keep us on our toes for winner’s debut. 

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seungri + facecam

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Dance ooh-hoo~
I wanna dance dance dance dance dance

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light on | do not edit & do not crop logo

light on | do not edit & do not crop logo

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hello jennnn :) winner is going to debut soon! i'm so happy, you finally get to see your seunghooon! are you still going to do a giveaway for them like you said?

yes, love. i need to discuss it with my empty bank account, still. but it’s going to happen, look forward to it. you can thank winner’s sometimeinthedistance debut for it. 


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fuck it’s almost august and yg is still giving me panic attacks even though a majority of it is caused by waiting.


august 1st.

damn fuck.

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get to know me meme: favorite male biasDong Youngbae

Just because you’re an idol, I don’t think you have restrictions on what you can and can’t do. People often ask, “Because you’re an idol, you shouldn’t be doing this, no?” That never crossed my mind. The reason I became a musician is because I wanted to do what I always imagined. There shouldn’t be a preconception of what an idol is.

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