one guacamole is equal to 6.0221415×10²³ guacas

I’m disgusted by my ability to get this joke

one might even call it

avocado’s number

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[rewind ◄◄ winnertv] ep 05 - the fortune teller (ft)’s facial feature readings

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Shamelessly asking VIP to shout “Seungri ya, I love you!”

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Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end[.]

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is it free
every student ever when offered something (via gnarly)
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luhan in snapbacks

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they are so precious.

they are so precious.

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# winner

I  hate  my  H A T E R S,  obviously.
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born hater
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luhan playing basketball

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"We are five but I feel that we are also one” (x)

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# ot5

BIGBANG then and now (inps)

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